We Care!

That about sums it up.

We want you to lead the healthiest life possible. We accomplish this by providing education, medication, and behavior modification. These values drive our quality of care and commitment to our patients. At our core we are a team of highly specialized clinicians and professionals dedicated to high-quality, outcome-driven practices provided within an exceptional care experience. Guided by our mission, we call upon our entire staff to compassionately care for and meet the needs of each patient.

Mission - Vision - Values

CognitiveHSC will restore hope, healing, and health to people affected by mental health issues to the WHOLE population!

All who seek treatment will receive it, and the stigma of mental health will be overcome.

"Treat the whole person as well as the illness."
"Treat every person with dignity and respect."
"Be of service."
"Remain open to innovation."
"Treat the WHOLE population."

Our Clients

Together, we invest our energies to enhance the quality of life, social interaction, community involvement and empowerment of mental health clients toward the goal of creating a fulfilling life.

Clients are assisted and encouraged to develop life skills, participate in community-based activities, repair or enhance primary relationships, and enjoy leisure activities. We believe that being supportive, compassionate and inclusive increases motivation and commitment.